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Occupational therapists provide mental health services to people who need help recovering from trauma, addictions, unhealthy habits, etc. There are other fundamental traits occupational therapists should have as they are expected to provide a solution to the mental and emotional needs others have. People’s lives will be significantly influenced by any advice or recommendations given by therapists. To ensure one is giving the proper help to their patients, occupational therapists must have the following essential traits:

Concise Observational Skills

A huge fraction of being a therapist requires that a person listens. So, it is important to learn how to listen actively. When a patient is speaking, all of their concerns must be regarded as highly important before forming any plan of action or prescribing a solution. Misdiagnosing can come from a lack of awareness of a patient’s needs which can also lead to malpractice. Thus, an occupational therapist must also have clear observational skills. A patient’s tone, word choice, body language, facial expressions, and overall cadence should be acknowledged before inferences are drawn. This will help therapists to find the best solution for their patient’s mental healing.

Problem Solving Abilities

In addition to listening, therapists must also be capable of providing solutions. Yes, it can be therapeutic for most people to simply vent their frustrations. However, this effect is only short-term satisfaction and the real issue still persists. The appropriate recommendations should be made to patients so that they have the opportunity to experiment with what may work best for them. Obviously, everyone is different, so one advised method may work differently for others. Therefore, it is good to have alternatives. For example, a personal may experience better therapy for their anxiety through the use of EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) oppose to utilizing breathing techniques. Personal care counseling should be modified to that specific person.

Comprehensible Communication

Sometimes a deeper understanding of what someone is going through is therapeutic in itself. Having a word to define what one is going through can provide great relief for someone as they discover that they are not alone. Being a good communicator is very necessary to be an occupational therapist. Therapists help put psychological concerns into understandable words for their patients.